Four Unique Casinos at 5 Dimes

There is a casino for every gaming personality at 5Dimes.

5Dimes is a name that is well-known in the sports betting industry and, particularly in the US. Although it accepts players from a great many locations as you can tell by our “allowed players” listing, it primarily caters to American punters.

When people talk about this sportsbook, it isn’t regarding its history or how it all started, or even its affiliation with other sister sites that include,, and The discussion about this site revolves around the significant volume of business it conducts, the massive amounts of sports and corresponding markets, the reduced juice offerings, big bonuses, and dynamic lines.

The site itself is not exactly the most appealing. In fact, it’s downright basic and reminiscent of the first websites to enter the picture. If you didn’t know about the value and the service that 5Dimes provides, you might not even be apt to look beyond a first glance. They’re like the super warehouse that’s not at all attractive but is chock full of discount items.

As far as the company itself, the bookmaker is part of the 5Dimes Group based in Costa Rica. The group started out 20 years ago with just a casino but expanded through additional holdings including the three sister sites that we outlined above as well as BetAnySports, Island Casino, and NicaBet. The focus of the group is, though, simply for its comprehensive offerings and global reach.

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